Saturday, May 12, 2012

A special day for all the MOMs! 💓

I may not be a good talker.
I may not be patient enough.
I may not be the most obedient daughter.


One thing that I m very sure is...

I LOVE You, mum! 💛 Thank you so much for everything u'd done for me, and our family!

To all the great mum in the world, Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Draft of year 2011.

Was screening through my post, found this as a draft and decided to finish it.
Aww...memories.... All these were took in Dec year 2010 (when I was in UK)

Family came to UK to visit me, and we went to Germany for a 5 days vacation. =) this family pic would be complete if elder bro in it. As far as I remember, the trip was great. Daddy rented a car, and we went around berlin and some other places which I can't recall. Hahah.too bad. 

Christmas market. Highlight of the trip! What else can beat Germany's Christmas Market? :D
The Sausages, slurrpppp I miss it!!

21st Dec 2011 was my 21st Birthday and I celebrated it in UK. =D 

and her 21st Birthday too! The cake was bake by a few of us. Gosh!do i still know how to bake now? :(
Really can't imagine that it's already one year plus back then. Time passes really quick! 

The one year and two months experience in UK plus Europe is indeed an unforgettable one TO ME.
We grew up a lot, learn to
do things ourselves, plan our trips, COOK, do LAUNDRY, and lastly of cos to learn to become a better and INDEPENDENT person! Just a year, it took a lot of my first times.
First time to travel alone.
First time to cook alone.
First time to plan trips.
First time to stay with friends.

I miss it a lot =/ the feeling when someone just jump on ur bed to wake u up in the morning. 
When they make breakfast for you. 
When they take care of u when u r sick. 
When we go party together n get wasted.
When we bake, cook, eat together. 
When we together bake for someone's birthday.
When we go over to each other rooms and chit chat like there's no tomorrow.....many many more. Can't afford to think back now or else i will be damn emo already.  T-T 

Glanced through some pictures.... 

And you, my dearest BB. 
 I miss you a lot! :( 
Without you, there's no one to teman me do crazy stuff.
Please come back soon! and of cos i know you r gonna do well for ur finals and pass with flying colours! :D 

Thanks for everything. 

US. That i still appreciate a lot although we r far apart from each other. 

I regretted that I did not update my blog often. Memories are easily replace by new ones.
That's why, I think i shall start blogging again! :) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some people just like to make fun of people.
Just because we r frens, or maybe i treated u more than a fren, u can make fun of me again n again?
I know u think that is fun, but HELLO, can u think of other people's feelings sometimes?
We smile, we din get mad, doesn't mean that we not terasa or wat okay.

I know u didn't mean it. at least i think u're not. but pls try not to go over the limit and be considerate a bit?

Well, if after u read this n u say :" Watever la!" Then i m really speechless.

I juz need to release. fuuuuuuuu
PLEASE, anyone dun mention this to me anymore.
NO ASKING alright

Monday, March 21, 2011





This world is always unfair. Sometimes, u put effort, care so much for a thing/ a person, wat did u get in returns?

I think... i should learn try not to giv in/care so much for certain person.

Certain person that,
doesn't worth ur care.
doesn't giv in. at least, not to you.
doesn't even appreciate wat you did.
you care for her/him more than she/he does. cos end up, u will be the one who get hurt only.

Aha. I am not emo. This is all about R E A L I Z A T IO N.

Ohh one more thing,
"action speaks louder than words."

Got lots more to say.
But hah my mood isn't that emo to write story yet.
So, goodnite world.
Dun try to ask me anything,
cos i won't tell.
U should know if u r close enough to me =)

Annoying much.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Started my day with a wide smile =D

This morning, when i woke up, someone knocked my door.... n passed me this....

a "Happy Meal" that warms my heart a lot! :)
Thanks.... U're the best! heh


Jay Mee's cousin, Yinn Cher is here all the way from Philadelphia, US. So we all had steamboat together for dinner at home.. weee! He heard of this fried mars bar(choc) thing from wee kiat, then 10 of us went out to hunt for it around 11.45pm!!!
Was kind of tired, but, need to giv him face, so i still went. We walked from our house to the end of sauchiehall street (quite far actually) and finally found it in a fish & chips shop!^^

Here is my fries snickers bar cos i dun fancy caramel in mars bar :)
It was okayyy.
we all were not that impressed but it still something that we should try since we dun hav it in M'sia right? hehhe
Mr Ooi plus the Lers & Ber
Leen. Grace. Tracy. Wee Kiat
and of cos Wai hong n Zhi yung followed too!

after a dose of snicker bars, we became HYPER!hehe Jaymee, Phoeber and I were talking nonsense all the way from the end of sauchiehall street back to home. Tracy, Grace were active too. were hopping on da way back.

These people have never fail to put a smile on my face! :):):)

Well, i still wondering............
"wat m ur heart?"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just feels like writing

It's 1.48am here in UK. i wanted to sleep but i don't feel sleepy at all. kind of mixed feeling i hav here....
Life is not easy.
This semester is my final semester, really hope that i can graduate smoothly. BUT, I did not pass PharmacyPractice3 yet.
PP3 is something that we don't really need in M'sia. In the exam, we will hav 5 prescription with some errors. We will need to figure out the errors and refer to prescriber for amendment. After that, we got to find the right medicine and counsel patients correctly.
Honestly speaking, it is not a hard subject. But, u will need a lot of luck n it depends on ur presentation on tat day.

If u r panic, EVERYTHING is gone!

because, juz one single mistake can make u FAIL the test.
anyhow, i still have one more chance to resit the test to graduate on time on JULY... but.... i m scared... real scared. everytime i tot of PP3, my heart beat will go really really fast... i just cant stop myself from thinking about it. =/
Pray hard that i can pass the coming resit test! please............ I just need to pass it!=(

Not only this, life.... is unpredictable. i do feel blissful now, i do smile a lot a lot everyday, but sometimes, things just don't go the way that u expected.
I need a happy meal now. =(